My name is Thomas Cairns (as one might guess from the URL, I suppose). This blog is an attempt to pay better attention to the books I read (a mix of fiction and theology mostly). The public aspect of this project is partly to motivate me to make some of these reflections a bit more precise than they would be otherwise, and partly to invite others to discover or engage with books I have found worthwhile. It is intended as a “come and see” sort of undertaking. The notes, quotes, and reflections posted here are necessarily occasional since I wedge this in between family (husband and father),  job (cubicle), other projects (failing/failed writing ones, mostly), and the general deluge of life.

I don’t really believe in comments, and even if I did, I don’t have time to moderate them. If you would like to contact me with questions or opportunities to earn a small fortune (provided I supply an initial nominal payment), feel free to email me: thomcairns at gmail.